Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010 Artist Of The Month

This month's artist of the month is:

Here's a little bit about her taken from her bio on her Etsy store:

"I've always loved to create, whether it be sewing, gardening, sketching, baking or pottery, there is something very magical about the creative process. Where once before there was a scrap of material, a mass of dirt and weeds, a blank canvas, a pile of unpalatable ingredients, or a lump of clay, there is now something beautiful to enjoy, to gaze at, to use.
I recently discovered the creative potential in jewelry. I use a wide variety of materials, from recycled vintage pieces to beautiful new stones and beads. Every item is a one of a kind, handmade piece.
Every now and again, I come across a piece that is in beautiful vintage condition and is just too wonderful to alter. These pieces can be rediscovered on their own or incorporated into a handmade original.
I've named this new hobby of mine in memory of my Mother who had a passion for jewelry. From large costume pieces to smaller fine pieces, and many pieces she created on her own, she wore it all, no matter what the occasion.
The jewelry you see here is meant to be enjoyed and worn whether you are going to a wedding or going to enjoy a coffee and a good book.

Consider every day an occasion..."
She has two stores on Etsy, one with cards and quilling and the other with some awesome jewelry she makes.  Make sure to give her a visit.

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