Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Artist Of The Month

I sell things on Etsy and ran across Kathy's store.  She makes such wonderful things!  I wanted to showcase her because of her use of everyday things she uses and makes them into wonderful jewelry and hair accessories. 
 Here's a bit about Kathy via her Etsy profile:
"My name is Kathy and I'm a full time artist from NE Pennsylvania.In college I took a couple of jewelry metal classes. I loved being able to create a unique body of work. However, the metals didn't quite feel like me or the message I want to convey. One day as I was looking at an Aquafina bottle it literally dawned on me to use recycled materials! I use the techniques that I learned in my jewelry metal classes, color, texture and composition learned from painting and most importantly my creative instincts. All of these components are carried over to my media of recycled plastics and aluminum."
You can read more about Kathy and her artwork on her blog.  Also visit her Etsy store and see more of her great works!  Don't forget to visit my other blog for more great recycled art too.

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