Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio

I recently bought My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!  I had to try it out.  I had a blast making the 11 page scrapbook that took me less than an hour.  You can't do one that fast with traditional scrapbook materials.  It is of a two week road trip I took and this was just a half day!  I have a lot to scrap and this makes it so easy.  It's really not made for video playback but I had to show you how easy it was.  The quality of a scrapbook you order when your done is phenomenal.  I am not a Stampin' Up! demonstrator but I just got the software today and I love it! 
You can order this great digital scrapbook and card making software by visiting Anne

Thursday, October 29, 2009

From One Friend To Another

Vicki emailed me today and said she had a nice surprise for me on her blog.  I hopped over there to see what it was and it's a great award she gave me.  Vicki does such great work on her blog so go visit her too!
To receive this award I am supposed to write 5 things about myself so here goes.....

1.  I am a total Star Trek fan (pick yourself up from laughing please).
2.  I sometimes sit in my craft room and look around at all tons of stuff I am fortunate to have and still have no inspiration.
3.  Neil Diamond is my favorite singer well, next to Englebert Humperdinck (I'm only 39, so again, please pick yourself up from laughing please).
4.  I use PVA glue (the white Elmers kind) when I'm quilling.  I still like to rub some on the back of my hand, let it dry and peel it off like I did in grade school.
5.  I got my first bone folder in a kit and wouldn't use it because I thought it was really made of bone (kind of gave me the creeps) so I bought one that was plastic and later found out mine was plastic all along!

Now that I've had a blast writing these things about me, I'm going to share this with five friends.

Give their blogs a peek too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Stuff

I haven't had much new lately other blog has!  Come see what's going on there!  Visit me HERE.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate Change And Crafts

I know we don't think much about climate change when it comes to crafting but we should.  From the materials we use to the electricity we waste.  In my effort to help climate change when I craft today and hopefully in the future is to be conscience of using my heat gun as it gives off greenhouse gases and to make sure I am using recycled materials when I can. Those are just a few things I can do to help.  What can you do to help our environment when you are crafting?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks! Monica

Visit GGCAA for Eco Friendly ways you can craft.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quilled Tear Drop Earrings

I was asked by one of my blog followers (thank you) to do a tutorial on how I make quilled earrings.  I did a simple pair that are easy to do.  You can see more of my earrings here and also here.  If you have any other tutorials you would like to see just email me.  Don't forget to look on the top links for more of my tutorials too!  Thanks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Artist Of The Month

The artist of the month is the very talented Priyadarshini
Here's a little bit about her via our email interview:

My name is Priyadarshini. I am a married mother of 4yr old. I live in Pune, India. I like to learn and explore new art forms. I am always engrossed in making creative crafts by using Eco-friendly and handmade items. I love to gift them to my friends and family. I started learning arts and crafts as a hobby, but now it has become a passion.  I have also learned some of India’s fold art (Warli, Madhubani and Relief work Paintings) and international crafts (Paper Quilling, Punch Craft, Iris Folding, Lamasa).

I don’t have an art background but I like to experiment with the art forms I learn. I also follow some of the expert’s tutorials to get inspiration but I make sure that my work has originality.

I started my blog, Kalanirmitee July 2009. I want my blog to be a platform for sharing my craft ideas with all craft lovers.
Priyadarshini is also one of my great contributing writers and artists on Going Green Crafters & Artists.

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