Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  I've been working on my OTHER BLOG quite a bit to get it going.

  I'm not one to really talk about my personal stuff but I thought you should know my posts are going to be shorter and less often for now.

Most of you, well really all of you, don't know that I suffer from Meniere's Disease.  You can click HERE if you want to find out a little bit about it.  It is a debilitating disease that I've had since 1996.

Just wanted to let you know I am seeing a new doctor in Los Angeles, not too far from where I live in Albuquerque, and we are doing a surgery really soon.  So in case I'm not around that's why.  But I will try to post when I can.

Thank you all so much and see you soon! 


  1. Monica, you are doing an awesome job with these blogs and Going Green ROCKS! Please take care of you and keep us posted! Loving thoughts and prayers coming to you!

  2. So sorry to hear this. I hope you can get it under control. Take care!!

  3. Take care of you first! We'll still be here :)

    {{hugs}}, margie

  4. I hope you're doing well Sweetie! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.

  5. Just wanted to send you loving thoughts on your upcoming surgery and I'm hoping that you'll be feeling better soon!

  6. will continue to keep you in prayer - take care of your health first...Lord willing we will all still be here when you are doing better! your other blog is really awesome!

  7. Praying that all goes well with your surgery. Love your blog! You are soooo talented.

  8. Your blog is beautiful and full of such a creative zest :) TFS all you do! I send blessings your way as you travel the journey ahead with your health and new dr :)


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