Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~~~~~~~The Circle Of Friends Award~~~~~~~ But I'm A "Rebel" So Read On..................

It's funny how we write on our blogs and talk to other people through them. Also writing back and forth to each other and getting to know one another through email. Not even seeing the person face to face we get to know our fellow bloggers and their wonderful words of wisdom and works of art. Vicki sent me this wonderful award today and I wanted to say thank you. Not just to Vicki but to all of you. You all deserve this award. The "rules" for passing on this award are to give it to 5 fellow bloggers but really I couldn't decide. Me being the "rebel" I wanted to do something different. I would like anyone who is a blogger that sees this post to take this award and post it on their blog. Because if you are reading this, well in my eyes you are worthy of the award. Thanks again to Vicki, and thank you to everyone who visits! That all sounded like I got an Emmy Award or something huh? LOL


Thanks for visiting!

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